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USFTL National Youth Flag Football

Principles for Coaches

The USFTL Youth program is dedicated to the principles of Positive Coaching. A good Coach always places the best interest of a player before winning. This Flag Football experience will play a significant factor in determining whether the players continue participating in football in the future. Coaches become leaders, along with the parent’s support, and will educate young athletes in the sport of Flag Football as well as the development of life skills. HAVE FUN!!

- Comprehension

*Learn and understand the Youth Flag Football Rules
*Help players learn and work to improve their skills
*In addition to having football knowledge, implement proper training & safety methods so your players can participate with little risks of injury

- Outlook

*Child first…Winning Second
*Winning is an important part of sports, but no efforts in striving to win should be made at the expense of the child’s well-being, development, and enjoyment
*Demonstrate fair play and sportsmanship to all players on and off the field
*Encourage players to dream and set lofty goals

- Affection

*Make an effort to get to know every player on your team
*Treat your players how you would like your child to be treated
*Keep an upbeat and positive tone in all of your communications
*Have PATIENCE with all players and their different abilities

C - Character

*Let your words & actions show your players that every individual matters and you will be teaching them a valuable lesson about respecting and supporting individual’s differences
*Take a low profile during the game and allow the players to be the center of attention
*Do not be afraid to admit you are wrong- no one is perfect
*Respect the decisions of Officials, Directors and other Coaches

- Humor

*Consider laughter by your players as a sign of enjoyment
*Keep your practices up beat & light hearted. 
*Remember that Flag Football is supposed to be FUN for the players!

In closing, a Coach should be enthusiastic without being intimidating. He/she should be sensitive to the players feeling and genuinely enjoy spending time with them. The Coach should be dedicated to serving children and understanding that Flag Football provides physical and emotional growth for its participants. A Coach can measure success by the respect he gets from his/her players, regardless of victories or defeats. Players who mature socially and physically white participating in Flag Football are the best indication of good Coaching. Remember, USFTL /NFL FLAG IS FOR THE CHILDREN.